Spring 2019


Over 100 pages of essays, analysis, and more. War is the health of the state, Randolph Bourne famously wrote, and there is no issue more important to the libertarian than war. It is via war that the state can initiate central economic planning, families are destroyed, liberties are lost, and all the greatness of civilization is threatened.

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Issue Contents

Spring Interview with John Denson


Our Biases and Inclinations (Editors)

The Economics of War

The Spirit of Conquest (Chris Calton)

On the Economics of War (George Pickering)

Out of Depression? (Nathan Keeble)

War In Europe?

Twilight of Old Europe (Trey Smith)

Wretched Entanglements (Ben Lewis)

A Tragedy Unintended (C.Jay Engel)

For Peace

Bernie, Imperial Wilsonian (Jonathan Crawford)

Peace Here, There, Everywhere (Samantha Rusher)

Capitalists for Peace (Gabriel McCray)

Dissent from the Narrative

Ambivalence Toward Empire (Julie McCray)

Engine of Transformation (Jared Lovell)

In Pursuit of a More Radical and Consistent Dissent (Mitch Thompson)

Reading Material

Review: America’s War for the Middle East (Ben Lewis)

Review: Swords into Plowshares (Dan Coats)


Timeline to World War I

Timeline to World War II

They Dared to Say No (The America First Committee)

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